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Why horses?

Horses are large and powerful creatures, which creates a natural opportunity for clients to overcome fears and develop confidence. This can provide valuable insight for dealing with other challenging situations in life.

Like us, horses are social animals with distinct personalities, attitudes and moods and it has been scientifically proven that horses and humans also share the same primary emotional systems that are inherent in all mammals (seeking, fear, rage, lust, panic, care and play). When we learn how to establish trust and build relationships with the horses, we also learn how to improve relationships with others.

Horses are prey animals and, in order to survive in the wild, they need to read the body language and intention of any potential predator and respond accordingly. They are natural collaborative beings and choose to live in communities or herds. Relationship is as important to them as it is to us humans - our survival depends on it! Whilst living alongside us in a domestic setting, they are continually adapting to their environment and responding to other beings around them. Each member of the herd has a role to play in their community, as humans do too. Connection, partnership, trust, awareness, respect and effective communication are widely recognised as the core ingredients of a successful relationship and the horses naturally role model these qualities.

Horses are non- judgemental and through their natural instincts and responses they are able to give immediate and honest feedback on our underlying emotions, intentions and behaviour. Their feedback can provide us with usable information that helps us to understand our own process and how our actions can affect others and impact on our lives. For example, if we are able to acknowledge our emotions and change our behaviour during a session, the horse may respond differently, which can provide us with immediate and genuine feedback about the changes we have made. Through this powerful and authentic learning experience we are able to practise these changes in a safe and supportive environment so that we can apply this learning to other areas of our lives.

Jazz and Jude
Wisbech Town FC Keeper Paul Bastock  11/11/2017
Paul Bastock being presented with a token of his world-record 1,250 career club apperance, beating Peter Shilton
Pic Dave Pinegar

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